Welcome to Wild Ones DestructionEdit

This wiki is a site that have Wild Ones (WO) hacks.Wild Ones is a online game that you can play in facebook and myspace you can see our page in facebook. Page is :- Wild Ones Detruction

This page is made for those who are against the hackers baned by Wild Ones. Its great mess that Wild Ones is up against us (hacker). Dose who wanna take a hack revenge for the hack baned and our profile baned by Wild Ones they can join this page and help us as we want the best hacker from all over the world. Well dont think that we are fools 2 do such things because we will show This if it takes any much time. If you are not intersested and don't want your profile back then don't make fool of, just get lost because we will show it
Well we need help of nice hacker so please join the group if you are interested and here you can also can get hacks of wild ones.

President and Admins nameEdit

President :- Ayushman Gupta

Admins :-

  • Ritwik Lochan
  • Rahul Sangam Sai

Latest activityEdit

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